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Pirate Treasure [Jul. 16th, 2004|01:10 pm]

The dream starts, and I'm walking home from school with Amy Lankford, I didn't notice it at the time, but the sky was dark, and the green, library, Mc Donnalds, and all the other buildings in that area were replaced instead by an eerie set of lights like you may find while driving down the road in the desert. It looked as if they belonged next to an abandoned marina, you could only see the lights. We approached the area where I normally jump the fence to get to my house, and I noticed something; there was a small hole in the tree. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked inside. The hollow tree was made into some sort of shelf; holding skulls, mugs, gold, and all sorts of pirate treasure you may want to find. I went around the tree to see if there was another way in, but the other hole was empty. Amy looked confused, but then looked in.

No more than a split of a second later a huge white van full of angry mexicans pulls up to us. They jump out of the van and chase Amy and I away from the tree; apparantly that wasn't something that could be done legally... Because I know the area somewhat, I knew that there was bound to be an opening in the less-than-taken-care-of fence, and there it was, an opening. Because they were right on my tail; I jumpped headfirst into the hole. They grabbed hold of my feet but I kicked them off. I saw Amy whisp off to turn the corner; running with all her might. The last thing I saw was her hair through the trees.

I ran into the house that I supposed was mine; but it wasn't. It looked like I was on some sort of vacation in a third world country with some of my friends. We all sheared a room, which was almost bare, and looked suprisingly the same size and lighting as my own room. I lay in the bed and one of my friends walks in. The rest of the dreams was so jumbled I can hardly remember it, but I had the urge to make out with the person, but couldn't do it for fear of rejection. Yup... weird dream.
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Snippet [Jul. 12th, 2004|10:21 am]

A few of us, in a boat. One falls out. I look around for him. It's really shallow water, like a foot or two so I should be able to see him. Then I see a whole in the ground under the water, and realize he must have fallen into that. I keep looking at it, and after a few moments the guy comes floating up, clearly dead, bloody fingernails on one hand.
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2004|02:26 am]

[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |The Doors- The End]

so lets start with this scary dream i had a few nights ago...i'll just write down the memories i have of it then..

so i was there, with a little boy who seemed to be my little brother. we were in a huge parkinglot filled with air planes, the kind that only fit 3 people at max. it was above a city. looking down on it. there were platforms of grass like a giant stariway down to the city. we were running from the city that was infested with zombies. as i told my little brother to get in the plane and start it, the bubba hotep (which is a mummy from the eygt time, don't worry too much on the bubba part unless you watch the movie, great movie!) who was the ringleader of all the zombies jumped down right next to me, where i was about to get inside the plane.

he said something about how he wanted to suck my blood so he could live and have me as a zombie of his own army. the fat truck driver from Resident Evil 2 (the guy from the start who says "that guy was a maniac, why'd he bite me?") appeared out of nowhere and tried to help me. instead i ran and jumpped into the air towards the city.

i could just about fly, but i would come back down to earth. i could hear the bubba hotep say to me "you can run all you want, i do not need you, i can live on anyone..." so i kept heading towards the city by jumping on each platform of grass. which was, by the way, about 20 acres in all directions from the center.

i then woke up after that.

another dream that happend on last saturday i think, i don't remember anything cept a few details.

i was in a baseball lot, it was night time. there was a fence to the right side of the pitchers mound, where i was. i then saw Paisley run to the fence and move one of the boards out of the way so she could get to the other side. i followed her to see why she was in a rush.

as i got there it was in the middle of an allyway, there was a lamp with 3 moths flying around it, it was on the wall about 7 feet up it. it was a yellow light. Paisley was talking to no one, but she was having a conversation with someone, who wasn't there. she was also crying for some reason, i then woke up, or maybe more came, i don't remember.

thats all i can remember about that dream.
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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2004|02:21 pm]

[Current Mood |scaredscared]

Personally, This was the scariest dream I have ever had.

The entire dream was in muted colors, a really warped timesence (nothing insignificant happened, just one after the other, but I knew that something insignificant happned in between it) the sounds were twisted, and didn't sound like anything that you would ever hear, and I couldn't focus on much.I tried to, but everything went so fast that I couldn't think... I couldn't do aything.. Like the weird attitude tat I have towards new people now.. I don't know what to do, so all my actions are delayed, and really stupid.

It starts out with me, a few years older; aiting for the results of a scientific test I took on genetics. it was a simple one, desighned to add a "purple" eye gene, which could be intertwined with the fetus's DNA. Cince it was a very expensive and "revolutionary" discovery, a few of my family memebers and friends were with me. The door opened, and out walks a horrible monster. It was alot like the zombie scientists from half life. It grabs the nearest person; my friend alisha, and eats her limb to limb. I couldn't focus on her at all, and it seemd so real, but it was like it never happened. After he eats her, three more zombies walk out, and about ten little cat-like things crawl out, with glowing pink and green eyes, and they seemed like a half-breed of doxie. I figured that one bite was deadly poisonous, and that they were not half-breeds, but genetic exprements.

 We all run from the mutants, trying not to run into any of them on our way out of the underground silo. we run inot a few of the zombies, which we all jumpped on and brutally kill, just to make sure they were dead and could never come back.We get out of the silo after encountering as many as twenty of the mutants... each of which scared me half to death becasue of what they could do to me... I could be killed! They just jumpped out at me...

Out of the silo was a beautifull day, and it looked like some sort of beautiflly manicured park; made to look "natural" but with extra features such as small paths, groves, openings, and a lake. I see one of the doxie mutants and freak out, the only thing I could do was run; which I did. I ran up a path, where I met a few friends who were just sitting in a little carrige-type thing. I lay down, thinking that they would protect me if they could, but I realize after a few minuites, that they were totally silent. And dead. I freak out, because I could be spied on right now, just waiting to be pounced on. I look around, and a pair of glowing green eyes were staring at me from the bushes. i jump down the natural water slide that was next to me, and try to go as fast as I can. They were everywhere, and death was iminent.

Time warps, and I'm back home, in my room. I'm tired and deserving of sleep. I'm hungry too... I wish I had a sandwich. I climb in bed, and snuggle up in my covers. I sleep, and feel refreshed. It seemed as if the only place I was safe was my room. But I couldn't stay there forever. I Took a walk outside, and went down old redwood until I reached star road. I hate Star road, so I went down Arata, and under the overpass was a carriage. I went inside, and three of my firends were there. Deric, Mike V, and Brian. [the carriage was small, and looked like it belonged to an evil circus group. The ceiling was about thrree and a half feet high, and there were no lights, but the gold trimming kept it suitable. There were cusions on which they were sitting and the wood seemed rotten] They were sitting there, minding their own buisness, but there was something suspicious about them. They were hiding something, but nonetheless, I warned them about the mutant doxies running around town.

Time warpped again, and we were still in the carriage. A doxie comes out of its hiding place, and looks at me. They stroke it, and somehow I knew that they were taking pleasure in having something that can easily kill a human with them. I felt like throwing up, but didn't. I told them I would go home now, and craweled out of the carriage. I went back and slept. When I woke up, I was back in that feild, but this time with a few more friends; who I knew a bit better. They told me that they had a few doxies with them, but were going to kill them after they see where they came from, what they do, and what repels them. [Their first choice was to try garlic.] Time warped again, and some people repaced others. I can't remember what happened here, but somehow I was out of hte carrige, and they hauled me back in. Then time warped again... I was laying back on the grass, and this time, the doxie was right above me. I reached out; grabbed its neck, and snapped it in half. It was a terrible sound, and a terrible feeling... the flesh. There were more of them, so I slid down te waterslide once more, and ended up at my house, in my room. I walked out of my room, and went outside.

Sitting on the steps were two cats. Two Identical cats, one of which had to be my cat, and the other had to be a mutant doxie. I grab the sharpest thing I can find and plunge it into one of the cats, hoping that I'm right. It was a horrible feeling, trying to kill it like that, becasue the knife wouldn't go in, but would destroy anything inside, and surely cause internal bleeding. I heard the other cat nigger a bit, and had an nnatural smile... I had been trying to kill the wrong thing... I felt horrible. I love my cat... I then grabbed the other cat, and smashed it into the curb. I didn't kill it, but I was worried about my cat, so I took it inside, and wanted to see if she was all right.


My sister comes into my room and wakes me up... and I can't even get out of my covers... I was so scared.... I never want to experience anything liike that again.

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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2004|02:58 pm]

[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]
[Current Music |DJ Irish- assorted trance, Vol 12]

I finally had some dreams that I remembered, or at least one long dream with a whole bunch of vague details.

I was laying on my bed, reading the sixth Harry Potter. I was on the 120th page, and it described hermione as crying, so Harry kissed her. I was kinda jealous; naturally. I turned the page, and instead of words, the entire book after that was the story board for the movie. I got so pissed and tried to focus on turning the pictures into words, but instead ended up willing myself into the book, or so it seemed. I saw Harry kiss her, and then I was her. Or I took her place. But he kissed me in a very gentle, loving, and totally lustful way. I didn't feel it like I normally do, but that was okay at the moment. I felt kinda bad, becasue I thought I was taking something away from her, and interfering with something. As if I was stealing him away from her, and he wanted me more than her, but she wanted him more than I did.

For some odd reason, the view was no longer from me, but I was looking down on the room as if it had no ceiling, and went into a kind of mode from The Sims (R). No people were there, but instead it was incredibly detailed, and I was marveling at the things in the room. And then I realized I wanted to be back with him, but instead of being back with him, I was at one of the tables, reading.

I was reading a manga. No, it wasn't a manga... it was like a manga, but it was an infusion of Doug and The Rugrats. I wa reading it, trying to make sense of why I was reading a book like that, when all my worries about it exploded, and I was walking from amy's house to round table pizza. I looked up to the sky, and instead of dusk (like it was on the ground) the sky was really clear and blue and looked as if it were 12 noon, and I saw a huge parachute. It was white, and looked as if it were drawn, and really really high in the air. I didn't think it would ever come down, and I thought "for something that big, there aught to be 4o people attatched to it." I thought that would be fun to have 40 of my friends all attatched to a string to go skydiving. My dad called my cellphone, and I told him about it. We had a little conversation, as if we were best friends (which our phone conversations are normally like) and I finally got to Round table. I walked in, and my dad greeted me, and I "remembered" why I was there. It was a class gathering to describe all the fun stuff we were going to do during the summer. I told everyone about what i'm going to try to do, but then i remembered tht I couldn't do anything, and shut up. I thought it would be really cool though... to be that high up, and just enjoying the view, and the huge; looming parashute overhead, as if it were a great big dome. I then woke up.


I think the first part was about Amy... she always feels as if I'm stealing her crushes, and I feel guilty about it. I'm sorry Amy.

The second part was about mangas, and the fact that I can never get my hands on some, and havn't really read many, but still love them.

The third part was about how I want to do something, and I would like to have something bigger than me take control, and help me. you know, humans were created to be very social, and work in groups. They all have what theryre good at, and if someone else who is better than you can do something for you, they will. If youre struggling, they would help you. I wish my mom could do the same. Society is just fucked up.

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Oh what a cold place, let me warm your lips... [Apr. 17th, 2004|12:06 pm]

[Current Music |foggy- come-into my dream (di.fm)]

Well, interesting dream if you ask me, so heres a bit of background info. When at great america, m friend and I came across a very sexy guy with nice hair. He was in the parade, and had sort of rugged features (not that you would see in a western, I consider that just prety-boy shit.) Oh, he was sexy! very sexy. He came up to me and said something, but I didn't hear him. I didn't even pay full attention to his lips (lip reader) i was just dancing. Well, my friend and I were infatuating over him, and having fun making fun of ourselves. I fell asleep thinking of great america.

Oh, what an odd dream it was. There I was, In a huge building. It seemed as if it would be an exploratorium, or a museum, because of all the decorations and sights.The floor was blue, and the walls were panneled. The architecture was amazing too. Steps, arched ceilings, and lots of turns, and hex, oct, and dectagon areas. But oddly enough, it was dimly lighted, and the ceilings were very low. There were few windows, and it was sort of a kin of room you feel uncomfortable in. The Kingdom Hall is what it reminds me of, I hated that place. I was always surounded by people I didn't want to be surrounded by. They were all so... intense. I couldn't take that. Well, thats just what I was surrounded by. People in suits to make sure I didnt' touch anything. They were escorting a group of children out of the room, into an even colder room that the one we were currently standing in. I had been there before. Such a cold place, and I did not want the children exposed to such things. They shoud be warm, and they should be free.

I Asked one of the men to let them go. I offered to take care of them myself, free of any charge.I explained myself, and he told me it was against regulations. He whispere into his jacket, and told me to stay here. I rabbe his arm and asked him if he remembered the taste of sunshine. He stood there for a seccond, and then told me I was to be punished for this insolence against my elders.

I was taken away from the children. They were so cute, so sad. I was taken to a dock, the water was stingy, as if the entire ocean was comprised of some warm, saltless, infected matter. I could smell it. I wouldn't want to drink it. There were several boat houses. They were all sort of worn away, and they looked like they had a fresh coat of paint several years ago. they were painted that weird peach, pink, yellow, and mint-green. I thought it looked mcuh like san francisco, or another old and not that very "kempt" town. The sky was greay-blue, and everything looked as if it had a haze over it.

I opened the door, and there was a man there waiting for me. He was handsom, around his early 30's, he had a big smile on and looked very hyper. He bowed, and said "Welcome! Your sister has already arrived. We will have fun, no matter what those silly agents say." My sister peeks out of one of the halls, and then I notice how oddl small the house is, but very innviting. Worn down, and decorated as if a grandma were living there. The walls were pink as well as the house, and the doors were forrest green. the carpet was a soft beige. It seemed as if the floor slnted, and my view was distorted. They call it fish eyes, and it looked as if I were in a bubble. I went to my room and looked out the window. I could see the city.

In an instant, months flashed by me, and I had spent a lot of time with my sisters and my new gaurdian. I was on he dock, and all of a sudden, this torpedo, with the words "China erradication" printed on came speeding towards me. Then the next seccond, I was laying in my new bed, still as confused as ever, and i heard my gaurdian tell me he was being thretened over the phone by an old enemy, and that we could be in alot of trouble. He needed to leave to the city to take care of these threats, and to buy us both gifts. So he leaft the house, and I follwed him to the dock. Next thing I knew, the torpedo was coming towards me again.But then again, It didnt' look like a torpedo, and more like whale. The dorsal fin was strait, and the white markings told me it was an orca.

A rush of cold air encircled me, and all the foggyness I had had all the while I was sleeping had suddenly gone away. The sky became dark, the houses were shadowed, and the water was clear. Micah comes out of the house, and she says "Get on the floaties! The house is sinking!" So we are together on the dock, and the whale goes after my gaurdian! I tell him to watch out, and so he jumps into the water. i don't notice it at the time, but he turns into a whale as well. Micah says the bad whale ill have to jump over us to get to the gaurdian, and so It does. I expect to hear a splash and feel the aftermath, but no such luck. Standing on the ock, was a handsom, sexy, man, with great hair, and the most gorgeous eyes. He had a gun and looked raved, crazed, dazed. He looked as if he coul need someone to aclm him down. He looked at me for a seccond, and then started pounding at the boat.

I decided I needed to take action. Actually, I wasn't even contemplating anything much at all. i ran up to him and grabbed his hair. I turned him around, and kissed him. Oh, not a normal kiss, no no no. It was too passionate to be called a normal kiss. He let loose and relaxed all his mucles, I felt everything. I felt everything as If I were awake. His lips were tender, and so wanting. I was so wanting. I loved it. He was the sexy guy at great america.

I dove into the water, but I was still in his arms. I wanted to be in his arms, so I palyed it over and over, but couldn't stop from diving.

I loved that kiss...
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2004|09:36 am]

[Current Mood |scaredscared]
[Current Music |Pulp victum- Dreams last for long (Di.fm)]

I had a very odd dream last night. I was in a new house. A house that looked like my own, only it was taller, had better furnature, and more paintings, paintings that I painted. The phone rang, It was Jessie. I said. "Oh hi Jessie! How are you?"
"How come you are more "friendly" and "touchy" wih your sisters than with me?"
At this point my heart sank. My friend is starting to like me as more than just a friend. I don't want that. It happens too much. "Oh, now thats not true Jessie. Trish is just plain perverted and tries to get on me, not the other way around. Cassie is mean to me, so we are very distant. Micah and I just find comfort in each other. But even so, I am just her foot rest."

Oh no... Ive done it again!
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2004|05:14 pm]

Welcome to this new connunity for dreamers. You may bookmark this, and make it your friend, or just post as you like. Your dreams will be analized by me! Woooo hooo! And hopefully mine yours.

Some rules-

1) you must post accepting the often times rude interpretation of others.

2) You may get mad at these persons, and they will be chastized. :)

3) Don't hold anything back, no matter how absurd. Remember- we all have very sexual dreams.

4) Include your reactions and emotions- a dream is not a dream without confusion and anxiety and all that other shit. The rest only matters a little bit.

Antything else you want... you can do.

Any reccomendations, any complaints, anything at all, you can make a post about it. You may also contact me for any information, or something you just cant say in front of the thousands of users here... which I think useless.

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